OFFICIAL Opening Of The ONTRAC MUSIC LTD. Website!!!

January 18, 2010.

The Official opening of the ONTRAC MUSIC LTD. website has arrived, and there is excitement in the air.

The arrival of the website also means the release of Ross Holloway's new CD Single this week.

There are four songs on the new single. *Two full versions and two TV versions.*

Copyright ©2009 ONTRAC MUSIC LTD. All Rights Reserved.
2) HOW LONG - Words & Music By: ROSS HOLLOWAY 
Copyright ©2009 ONTRAC MUSIC LTD. All Rights Reserved.

* The TV versions have no lead vocals on them, so you can put them into your Karaoke Machine, and use your Karaoke Machine microphone to sing your own lead vocals live to the songs.*

* You can also download the professional music charts for free here on the website, so that you can read the lyrics for the song, and sing along. Or you can read the music and play your instrument while singing along also.

Buy Ross Holloway's new single CD "Mankind's Attitude".

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