The Studio:

To provide you with the highest quality recording possible, ONTRAC is equipped with microphones from the lead names in music technology, including Neumann, AKG, Audio Technica, and Shure. Our smaller room is able to house a drum kit, while our large room can host an entire band with ease. The ability to isolate instruments and lay down several tracks at once not only decreases your recording cost, but enables you to achieve the energy of a live recording right here in the studio.

All 3 rooms have visual contact. The control room features an Allen & Heath recording console, a Tascam digital recorder, a Tascam mastering machine, and a host of rackmount gear.


ONTRAC offers the unique opportunity to receive the guidance of a producer. Album co-production is also available. Whatever your experience, we are here to guide you through!

- Three separate rooms
- Professionally designed acoustic environment        
- High quality analog and digital equipment
- Experienced personnel

Rate: $50 an hour   

Prices are subject to change at any time.

Ask about our album production package!

For booking, equipment list, or more information, contact us.

(Prices in effect from Jan 1, 2008 and are subject to change)


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